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SoT Cheat   |   Undetected Since Release

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SoT Cheat

From 10.00 EUR/month

Our External Cheat works on both the Steam & Microsoft version of Sea of Thieves!
Unlike all other cheats for Sea of Thieves, our cheat does not inject into the game and is fully external. It's never been detected and works on any windows!
Simple to use and easy to configure, comes with an easy to use user-interface you will always be able to easily adjust everything according to your needs.



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We take safety as number one priority. Everytime you download our loader, a unique build is generated on our servers.
Everytime you load the software from our loader, a unique build is also generated on our servers.
Our loader injects the script into a windows process, making the script completely leak-proof, as well as fully hidden on your PC.
Below you can find some safety features our script offers;

  • Protection & Security
    • Undetected since release
    • Hidden when alt tabbing
    • Hidden from task bar and task manager
    • Runs hidden in the background
    • Users information hashed & safe on our servers
    • Compatible with all spoofers
    • Unique downloads & injections
    • Unique signature every injection
    • Injected into windows process (Leak Proof)
    • Professionally encrypted
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