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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I gain access to the Private Forums & Private Discord?

    Once you've purchased a product, you will be able to access the private forum. 
    Your forum account will upgrade itself and automatically integrate with the website license. You will have instant access to the product as well.
    Once you've purchased something, you can join the private discord here: https://www.aptitudeproducts.net/discord/invite/general/

    How do I gain access to the product?

    You will be able to receive your product in manage purchases once you've bought something.

    Here: https://aptitudeproducts.net/clients/purchases/

    Does AptitudeProducts look obvious from another player's perspective?

    All of our software has the possibility to look legit and has clean replays. Just make sure you set it up correctly.
    For specifically Violence, we have a config channel in our discord where you can find tons of great legit configs to use.

    How often does your software get detected? Safety?

    We are and have been at a record of 0 natural detections across all programs since 2017 now.
    We are very proud to say, that our software has never had any detections.

    Are there installation instructions?

    You will gain access to the private forum and our private discord server which has many tutorials and a guide to start with.

    We are also available on discord for further help.

    Do you support Windows 11?

    Yes. We support windows 11, 10, 8 and 7.

    Can I sell or trade my license/account?

    No. It wouldn't be possible anyway. Your license/account is assigned to your computer only. If someone else were to use your license key/account, they wouldn't be able to use the software. Regardless, any sort of distribution of licenses/accounts will result in a permanent ban.

    Do I have to wait or pay for updated versions?

    No. We are committed to actively working on our software. Updates happen frequently.

    All updates are free for our software, all it will always be that way.

    Does your software have unique builds?

    Absolutely.  Currently Violence & Absolute both have unique builds. When you download our loader, it automatically generates a unique build from the server.
    Each user will have a unique signature every time they download the loader, and also every time they inject Violence & Absolute.

    Are refunds possible?

    We do not offer refunds. Even if you're banned from the forum, a refund will not be given. Be on your best behavior.

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