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  • MW3 Smart-AI Setup


    1. Fullscreen Borderless

    Your game needs to be in Fullscreen Borderless for SmartAI to work.





    2. FPS Capping

    Capping your in-game FPS greatly boosts your AI-FPS
    In order for your SmartAI to perform smoothly, you want around 80-100 AI-FPS.

    You can check your AI-FPS by enabling Draw FPS in the Drawing tab under Visuals.

    FPS Cap.PNG

    We recommend you to cap your in-game FPS to 144, but the lower you go the more AI-FPS you'll get.




    3. DLSS

    DLSS will greatly boost AI-FPS.
    You can set it to Quality, Performance or High Performance.


    We recommend you to use Quality, but if you wish to get better FPS, you can set it to Performance or High Performance.




    4. Configuring Settings

    To avoid ban, you will need to mess around with the settings and find settings that are smooth and look like natural mouse movements.

    If the aimbot is shaky and not smooth you will likely be reported/reviewed and banned eventually.
    Test your settings in shooting range, and configure your settings to the point where if someone was spectating you they wouldn't be able to tell you're using an aimbot/aim-assist.



    Default Keybinds

    Insert - Show/Hide
    End - Terminate


    Additional Questions

    For any additional questions, please join the Discord.

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