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Regarding Rocketr Purchases (PROJECT ORANGE)

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Users that purchased from rocketr (https://rocketr.net/buy/01ff037407c7) can no longer migrate to the new website.

If you purchased on rocketr and are yet to have migrated to this website and gotten your rank, you will have to repurchase.


We have given over 1 year for old users to migrate to the new website and decided that it's time to stop this, due to problems on rocketr and other circumstances.


This doesn't mean that users on AptitudeProducts.net that purchased from rocketr will have to repurchase - it just means that if you still haven't registered on AptitudeProducts but purchased on rocketr, you no longer own Project Orange and therefore have to repurchase to continue to use it.


This obviously only applies to Project Orange, as that's the only product who started on rocketr.

Thanks for understanding,


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