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Rainbow Six : Absolute | Initial Impressions

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I've been using Aptitude Products for about a year now. Not once have I been suspected by players, the games anti-cheat or the developers themselves of cheating. I've been using R6: Absolute for the last week and I thought I'd leave some of my initial impression.

The Good:

  • The program itself could not be any simpler. Simply run the app and the recoil is automatically adjusted for you regardless the of gun you are using.
  • The adjustment this makes to the weapons recoil radically improves the accuracy regardless wether or not you are firing single shoots or spraying in auto.
  • I was afraid that people might call me out for cheating when they would  watch the the kill-cam or the final kill of the round, but so far not a single person has.
  • This app allows me to worry less about firing accurately, and gives me to confidence to spend that energy and focusing on being tactfully smart and aware instead.

The Not-So-Good:

  • At this time I am not aware of any method that  Aptitude provides to receive notifications for when there is an update to this or other Aptitude Products. As cheats go, eventually you can expect an app to become detected. With that said, by the time an app has become deleted, there have already been a number or revisions made by Aptitude. I just wish there was a better way to stay up to date or at least know if something has become detected. In the meantime users aught to be checking in on a regular basis to see if there are any updates to the app.

The Bad:

  • Honestly can't think of anything. ?

Rainbow Six: Absolute is for anyone who wants to significantly improve their game, without speeded countless hours mastering recoil like siege professionals have already done. I feel like the helps to put casuals on an equal playing field as far as recoil management is concerned. Aptitude has a great track record with building great apps that remain undetected which gives me a good amount of peace of mind. Although the app does require a  HWID verification step, it does so to ensure that these apps are safer to use, and is well worth short delay.

As it stands right now, I give the app itself a 5 out a of 5.

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