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Advantage Testimonial


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So I got Advantage about 2 months ago and i have played alot of matches with the cheat and decided to make a little review. 

Overall: 9.5/10
Just like it was with Project Orange: Advantage is the best recoil cheat you can get. An overall very good cheat. You have a lot of features & security for just 10 EURO.
At first, not many updates were released, but that has really changed the last couple of months and it feels very worth it.

Recoil: 9.5/10
The recoil is with the right settings good, you can easily own everyone. It has a lot of useful options to fine tune your settings. The new versions is very intuitive and works as it should. 
The only thing I wanted was less shake, and that is possible in diffrent versions as well.
I faced one issue where bhop was on, which i kinda liked but i had to restart the game for it to normalize. No idea what caused it. That was the only issue I had.

I really like the GUI, very unique and simple, nothing advanced...  You can also change the skybox & other things. Everything you need. 

Staff: 10/10
Has been very supportive and helped me with questions.


Sorry for not the best review but it's hard to do reviews on programs like this, not so much to say other than i really like it :)

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