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[Release Notes] [Smart-A.I]


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  • If multiple players are found it now properly aims at the closest target to the crosshair
  • Recoded aiming algorithm (super smooth & accurate)
  • Added Draw Aim Bone to Drawings (Draws active aim-bone on player)
  • Improved bone positions (Head, Neck & Body)
  • Automatically grabs your in-game Sensitivity & ADS
  • Aimbot, Triggerbot & Flickbot now automatically scales with your Sensitivity & ADS
  • Automatically updates your Sensitivity & ADS whenever you change in-game


  • Recoded & Improved Triggerbot
  • Added Triggerbot Bone Selector (Head, Neck & Body)
  • Added Shoot Delay (set to 0 for full auto)


  • Added Flickbot (Instantly snaps to players)
  • Added Flick Delay (Delay in ms between each flick)
  • Added Auto Shoot (Automatically shoots after performing the flick)
  • Added Silent Aim (Makes the flick invisible to the eye)

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