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  • Added 417 to Sens
  • Added OTs-03 to Glaz
  • Added Scorpion EVO 3 A1 to Ela
  • Added Thermal scope option to Sights when using Glaz
  • Fixed a rare crash issue after changing settings in-game
  • G36C is now correctly spelled
  • Added TCSG12 Shotgun to GOYO/KAID
  • Improved G36C, C8-SFW, PDW9 & M4 recoil patterns
  • Fixed Stream-Proof sometimes not being what you had the setting as
  • OTs-03, TCSG12 and Scorpion EVO 3 A1 added to Weapon Detection
  • You no longer need to bind 'H' as secondary shoot key to use rapid-fire
  • Rapid-fire improvements

Introducing Bullet Count

  • Automatically stops the the recoil-control when you don't have any bullets left
  • Added to ALL WEAPONS (Even DMRs/Shotguns w/Rapid-Fire)
  • Remembers how many bullets you've already shot and how many you have left
  • Detects when you reload (press R) and resets the bullet count
  • Added Bullet Count toggle under 'Settings' tab to enable/disable

Glaz Triggerbot

  • Glaz Triggerbot now works with any sight
  • Enabling Glaz Triggerbot now automatically switches to Glaz in recoil system
  • Glaz Triggerbot now uses the recoil system/rapid-fire when firing (if recoil system is enabled)
  • Changing weapon/operator when Glaz Triggerbot is enabled will automatically disable Glaz Triggerbot
  • Enabling Glaz Triggerbot will disable Weapon Detection, vice versa.


  • Now has 2 different modes - 'SHAIIKO Peek' and 'Quick Peek'
  • Added second delay slider when in 'Quick Peek' mode to make it fully customizable
  • Added Hold Mode - Allows you to hold down the quick-peek buttons to spam quick-peeks at selected speed

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