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Dear, aptitude.pub

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To be quite candid, I appreciate it @Aptitude.

Because of your hard work, dependability, communication, and service, I have no doubt that you will continue to achieve great success in the years to come.

After using the R6 script for over a month, I can attest to the many advancements made in both the product and the community.

Aptitude provides a constant stream of updates, bug fixes, and features in response to user criticism. Since I began using the application, it really has progressed tremendously.

Aptitude, however, is never satisfied and is always developing new ideas and methods to advance the product.

I have no doubt that Aptitude appreciates the community's input immensely. Most new ideas for improving things will most likely come from this.

When it comes to scripts and macros, aptitude.pub is unrivaled. Not only is it extremely secure, it's also far easier to use than competing solutions.

I have tested a lot of other scripts, and this one is the most like a plug-and-play solution. There is no need to tinker with values or key bindings for separate scripts.

Once again, I appreciate Aptitude, the Aptitude Community, and the Support Team.

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