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SOT Recovery Service is fantastic

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I happened to stubble upon Aptitude's videos about this service and man did I think it was just another one of those scams where they just take you're account and leave. Although of my suspicions, I kept an open mind and decided to contact Aptitude himself. Off the bat he was extremely responsive and very patient with answering all my questions and suspicions about the service. After a couple of hours I was convinced and decided to try it for myself. As soon as he wasn't busy, he logged into my account and started doing my order. The moment I knew it was legit was when I saw my gold going up millions on the official SOT website. A little over an hour later and he was all done, just like that. All commendation and title locked items I had plus 10 mil gold and a little extra which he did on his own which was really nice. I highly recommend this service for anyone interested in getting all those hard to earn and expensive cosmetics in the game. Couldn't be more happier with the service he gave me and more than likely coming back again for another!

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