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Review after SOT recovery purchase

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Could not be happier with the outcome, I was communicating with Aptitude initially through DM's on Discord, and he thoroughly explained the process and went back and forth with me throughout the day helping me comprehend everything about the recovery itself for well over 2 hours. After purchasing, about 20 minutes from when I initially sent my login details my account was ready- and the recovery process was finished. I purchased 100M gold, and the listed unlocks- not only was I given those unlocks, but all of them, including the 100M gold on top of that- so ultimately A LOT more than I should have gotten, and payed for. I am not guaranteeing that he will do this for all buyers, but it was an extremely generous gesture especially after putting up for my questions and suspicion for again well over 2 hours. I would 100% recommend if you are actively playing Sea of Thieves and have any sort of interest in being one of the richest pirates to sail the seas.

Again, I could not be any more happy with the outcome, it was a quick and simple process and I ended up with even more than I imagined possible.


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