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R6 Smart-AI

From 20.00 EUR/month

Discover the pinnacle of gaming with SmartAI, an artificial intelligence powered by cutting-edge machine learning that seamlessly recognizes in-game players.
SmartAI operates entirely externally, ensuring your game remains untouched.








Enhance your AI aimbot with these key features for superior performance.

  • Aimbot
    • Customize A.I to target head, neck, or body shots.
    • Manual X/Y aim offset adjustment for personalized precision.
    • Tailor Aim Speed (Legit/Blatant) to your playstyle.
    • Define A.I Confidence (Required confidence for player detection).
    • Adjust Aim FOV (X/Y) to optimize targeting.
    • Set a custom Aim Key for precise control.
  • Drawing
    • Enable/Disable player rectangle drawing
    • Highlight player aim bone
    • Display player info
    • Activate/Deactivate player line drawing,
    • Visualize AI-FPS
    • All colors are fully customizable to your preference
  • Advanced
    • Configure A.I to function only when aiming.
    • Choose when A.I operates, ensuring it's active only during gameplay.
    • Cap A.I interference speed to your preference.
    • Select AI model for your desired performance (Extreme, High Precision, Balanced).

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Experience unparalleled precision with SmartAI, featuring our seamlessly integrated RainbowSix Script (Absolute). 

  • Recoil Compensation
    • Recoil compensation for all primary weapons
    • Recoil compensation for all secondary weapons
    • Supports all attachments (Sights/Barrels/Grips)
    • Supports any Mouse Sensitivity (Horizontal/Vertical)
    • Supports any Mouse ADS Sensitivity
    • Supports Standard & Advanced ADS Sensitivity
    • Supports any MouseSensitivityMultiplierUnit
    • Supports any ADSMouseMultiplierUnit
  • Automatic Settings
    • Automatically grabs in-game sensitivity
    • Automatically grabs in-game ads sensitivity(s)
    • Automatically loads saved attachments when switching operator
    • Automatically updates sens/ads whenever you change in-game
  • Advanced
    • Automatically detects if you're using your primary or secondary weapon in-game and switches seamlessly in the background
    • Automatically detects if you're using gadgets such as maverick torch and stops recoil control from working
    • Checks for cursor visibility so that the script only works when you are truly ready to use it
    • Automatically stops recoil-control when you run out of bullets (Bullet Count)
    • Primary Weapon Detection (Automatically detects your primary weapon and automatically switches in the script)
    • Secondary Weapon Detection (Automatically detects your secondary weapon and automatically switches in the script)
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We take safety as number one priority. Everytime you download our loader, a unique build is generated on our servers.
Everytime you load the software from our loader, a unique build is also generated on our servers.
Our loader injects the script into a windows process, making the script completely leak-proof, as well as fully hidden on your PC.
Below you can find some safety features our script offers;

  • Protection & Security
    • Undetected since release
    • Hidden when alt tabbing
    • Hidden from task bar and task manager
    • Hidden from system tray
    • Users information hashed & safe on our servers
    • Compatible with all spoofers
    • Unique downloads & injections
    • Unique signature every injection
    • Injected into windows process (Leak Proof)
    • Professionally encrypted
    • Completely stream-proof
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