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aptitude.pub [SmartAI - CS2]

Released 10/17/2023

Key Changes

  • Added NEW Aimbot Algorithm - Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID)
    Ensures smooth and stable movement trajectories. Effectively eliminating jitters caused by operational delays or hardware constraints. 
  • Added Dampening (Only available when using PID)
    This feature gradually slows down the aimbot when the target is within the selected distance.
    Prevents overshooting but also reduces shake, jitter while increasing stability and accuracy.
    Customize Side, Up & Down dampening distance to your preference.
  • Added Max Aimbot Speed (Only available when using PID)
    Set a Max Horizontal & Vertical Speed
    Set a Max Horizontal & Vertical Acceleration Speed
    Set a Max Horizontal & Vertical Deacceleration Speed

Additional Information

This update is server-sided, you don't need to re-download anything.

Download: https://www.aptitudeproducts.net/files/file/1-loader/

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