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aptitude.pub [R6 Script]

Released 03/28/2023

Key Changes



  •  Now remembers selected weapon (when multiple are available) when switching between Defenders/Attackers
  •  Fixed an issue where horizontal recoil would lag on G3GC, VECTOR .45 ACP & P90
  •  Fixed an issue where you could not switch between weapons on the same operator
  •  Cleaned up config for saving attachments
  •  UI Improvements/Changes
  •  Removed Rapid-Fire tab
  •  Added Scope 3.0x Support
  •  Added P90 (DOC)
  •  Added V308 (LION)
  •  Added M12 (CAVEIRA)
  •  Added PDW9 (JACKAL & OSA)
  •  Added C7E (JACKAL)

Weapon Detection

  •  Now supports 16:10 on 1920x1080
  •  Text-To-Speech toggle now works
  •  Weapon Detection, TTS & TTS Volume are now savable/loadable
  •  All new weapons from this update has been added to Weapon Detection

Rapid Fire 2.0

  •  Now fully integrated into the recoil system
  •  Supports any Mouse Sensitivity (Horizontal/Vertical)
  •  Supports any Mouse ADS Sensitivity
  •  Supports Standard/Advanced ADS Sensitivity
  •  Added Mk 14 EBR  (Dokkabei & Aruni)
  •  Added 417 (Twitch, Lion & Sens)
  •  Added CAMRS (Buck & Brava)
  •  Added AR-15.50 (Maverick)
  •  Added SR-25 (Blackbeard)

Additional Information

This update is server-sided, you don't need to re-download anything.

Download: https://www.aptitudeproducts.net/files/file/1-loader/

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