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aptitude.pub [R6 Script]

Released 02/20/2023

Key Changes


Recoil System (RECODED)
• Supports any Mouse Sensitivity (Horizontal/Vertical)
• Supports any Mouse ADS Sensitivity
• Supports Standard/Advanced ADS Sensitivity
• Automatically grabs all your sensitivities at the press of a button and updates recoil accordingly
• Filter for Attacker/Defender operators
• All attachments are savable for each weapon/operator and automatically loaded

• Bindable to any key
• All settings saveable
RecoilSystem - Uses RecoilSystem for perfect recoil when triggerbot fires
Block Input - Makes you unable to move whilst holding the trigger-key
Threshold - Max allowed pixel difference
Delay - Delay in milliseconds before triggerbot starts shooting

• Text Overlay has been changed to fit with the new RecoilSystem (Shows weapon, sight, barrel & grip)
• Added Legacy Recoil option to use old RecoilSystem/Custom Configs
• Improved Security
• UI Changes/Improvements

Additional Information

This update is server-sided, you don't need to re-download anything.

Download: https://www.aptitudeproducts.net/files/file/1-loader/

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