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  •  ADS sensitivity values are now shown in a tooltip when using Advanced Mouse ADS Sensitivity
  •  Fixed Ace attachments not loading properly at startup
  •  Removed Bullet Count toggle (its always on now)
  •  No longer using a low level mouse hook (caused mouse input lag)
  •  Fixed Glaz recoil control not working properly when using Advanced Mouse ADS Sensitivity
  •  Added Scope 2.0x to 9x19VSN (Tachanka)
  •  Added Scope 1.5x to MP5K (Wamai)
  •  Added Montagne & Blitz (*Secondary works while using shield when these operators are selected*)
  •  Added G8A1 to Amaru & IQ
  •  Added Switch to Primary keybind & Switch to Secondary keybind
  •  Added Attachment Filtering for ALL primary & secondary weapons
    (Absolute now only shows the supported attachments for every weapon)


  •  Added P9, M45 MEUSOC, 5.7 USG, D-50 & P229
  •  Added MK1 9mm, C75 Auto, PMM, GSH-18 & LFP586
  •  Added 1911 TACOPS, .44 Mag Semi-Auto & SDP 9mm
  •  Added RG15, KERATOS .357, Bailiff 410, LUISON & Q-929
  •  Added PRB92, P12, USP40, P-10C & P226 MK 25
  •  All secondary weapons support any attachments
  •  All secondary weapons support any sensitivity/ads sensitivity & advanced ads sensitivity mode
  •  Ability to selectively toggle primary & secondary recoil control OFF/ON
  •  All secondary weapons are saved universally (*same attachments*)
  •  SMG-11 moved to Secondary


  •  Automatically knows if you're using your primary or secondary weapon in-game and switches seamlessly in the background
  •  Automatically stops recoil control from functioning when using most gadgets (Osa shield, Maverick torch etc.)
  •  Added toggle for Smart-Switch to settings tab

Weapon Detection

  •  Now works if you select 'Auto' or 'Resolution' as Aspect Ratio in-game
  •  ALL secondary weapons added in this update has been added to Weapon Detection
  •  Works with Primary and Secondary weapons simultaneously
  •  Now working on EVERY RESOLUTION (Including Ultra-Wide)
  •  Now working on EVERY ASPECT RATIO (*Added; 5:4, 5:3, 19:10 & 21:9*)
  •  Fixed occasional confusion between Spear .308 and OTs-03
  •  Improved detection on C8-SFW, M762, MK17 CQB, 556XI, 9x19VSN, COMMANDO 9, 417 & 552 COMMANDO

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