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aptitude.pub [R6 Script]

Released 04/15/2023

Key Changes


  •  Text Overlay & Rainbow Border can now be saved/loaded
  •  Fixed G36C & G8A1 occasional weapon detection confusion
  •  Improved SC3000K weapon detection
  •  Fixed a rare crash issue when using Text Overlay
  •  LowLevelKeyboard hook improvements
  •  Fixed a rare bug where rapid-fire didn't turn off and kept shooting when aiming
  •  Keybinds now use the LowLevelKeyboard hook and are now always instantaneous
  •  Fixed AUG A2 & AUG A3 weapon detection confusion
  •  Secondary is now always active when using Montage or Blitz when Smart-Switch is disabled
  •  Replaced folder-selector with an easy to use GameSettings.ini file selector 
    (Only shows if you have multiple gamesettings files/R6 accounts)

Additional Information

This update is server-sided, you don't need to re-download anything.

Download: https://www.aptitudeproducts.net/files/file/1-loader/

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